LTS (Lawn, Trees, & Shrubs)

LTS Division

Lawn Fertilization, Insect & Disease Control

Customized programs designed for your lawn, utilizing Best Management Practices (BMP), to deliver the latest advances in organic and synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and weed control.

We have developed an earth-friendly program to help promote a healthy, lush, and green lawn.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization, Insect & Disease Control 

Using the latest advances in fertilization technologies, our program offers a mix of synthetic and organic compost Tea to deliver the proper amount of nutrients for the Florida landscape without harming the environment.

L        Lawn Fertilization, Insect & Disease Control

TS      Tree & Shrub Fertilization – Insect & Disease Control

WF    Whitefly & other Specialized Insect Control

M       Mosquito Control for Outdoor Events

SP      Additional Customized Nutritional Programs for Palms, Trees and Ornamentals -Special Program

Tst     Soil & Water Testing

C       Consulting Services

O       Organic Programs & other Services by Request