Great News!

We now offer a total organic program for your lawn and landscape. By using natural ingredients, such as bone and blood meal, as well as other natural products, we have found that we can maintain the health of your lawn and landscape, with our key natural ingredient being compost Tea.

This tea is amazing! It can restore beneficial organisms to your soil, such as bacteria, fungi, and many other micro-organisms that help your plants absorb the most nutrients from your soil. Other benefits include that it replaces the biological components that may have been negatively impacted by past pesticide applications. Did you know that more living organisms occur in the soil than in all other ecosystems in the world combined?  Compost Tea does not burn your plants and is easily taken up by the roots and foliage.

Our blend of granular fertilizer, with all the proper nutrients, is derived from the best materials for our landscape plants and trees.  We have a six-month slow-release granular fertilizer, specifically designed for potted plants. This particular blend will not stain if dropped on your sidewalk or patio deck, or even if some granules are accidentally dropped into your pool.  We also use a liquid fertilizer, which utilizes several types of ingredients that are designed to get to the plant by both roots and foliar take-up.

We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations with the services we offer here at Jeff Gilchrist Landscaping.